Studio Picture Book


Alberts Studio 3 control room
Studio 3 control room in 1980.

Alberts Studio 3 was built in 1979 to handle overflow work from the other two studios.  It was mainly used as an overdubbing facility and by in-house artists and song writers for pre-production work, although some people recorded entire albums in there.

Studio 3 was basically an office suite with a little acoustic treatment installed.  The recording room was an old drum hut from Studio 1 assembled inside another room.

There were tie lines between this and the other studios, enabling the use of equipment in other rooms, as well as 24 track transfers.

At that time, the studio was equipped with:

Neve 24 channel 4 group console.  This was a "baby" Neve, and had an unusual quasi-inline configuration.  Its signal path was very simple and it was also a later generation than the Neve in Studio 1.  The class A amplifiers and balancing transformers were even more elaborate than the other console.  The sonic performance of this console was noticeably cleaner than the older Neve.
MCI JH-16 24 track 2" recorder with an Autolocator II.
Dolby A MH series 24 track noise reduction rack on multipin connectors.
2x MCI JH-110 2 track ¼" recorders.
4x Dolby A M361 noise reduction modules.
EMT "gold foil" reverb plate.  A remote control unit was built into the Neve console.
Whatever other outboard gear that could be scavenged from the other studios!
The main control room monitors were Tannoy HPD speakers driven by an Ampzilla amplifier.
One stereo headphone system driven by a Crown D-60 amplifier.