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Albert Productions

J. Albert & Son Pty. Limited is an Australian privately owned music publishing company which was founded in the early 1900's.  "Alberts" were a major sheet music publisher in Australia and also represented many overseas publishers in Australia.  Ted Albert, a second generation son, in addition to being the managing director, was actively involved with the studios and there is no doubt that his enthusiasm and personal input was a major driving force behind Albert Studios.  He had this habbit of buying the latest console or multitrack on the spot whilst on overseas trips.  He personally produced the early Easybeats records and actually played on some recordings.  Later he formed a partnership with ex-Easybeat members Harry Vanda and George Young, known as Albert Productions.  Together they were either the producers or executive producers of all Albert artists.

One of their major products is AC/DC.  The complete list of Albert artists is far too big to present here.  Alberts was a major contributor to the Australian music industry.  It was not uncommon to find fans clustered around the entrance to the Alberts King Street building, hoping to catch a glimpse of their idols.

J. Albert & Son also own radio station 2UW in Sydney and before Alberts built their first music recording studio in 1973, they used the 2UW studios and also the 2UW theatre as well as other studios such as EMI's Sydney Studios.

Stevie Wright Angus Young
Stevie Wright Angus Young

Stevie Wright

Stevie Wright was the lead singer with the legendary Australian Band "The Easybeats" who ruled supreme in Australia during the mid 1960's.  His first solo album was produced and co-written by fellow ex-Easybeats Harry Vanda and George Young.  This album earned two gold records in Australia.  The single from this album "Evie" won awards for Record Of The Year and Song Of The Year.  Apparently he knocked back an offer at one stage to be the lead singer for AC/DC, not prepared to start from scratch again with this then unknown band.  For years, this talented performer battled a drug problem and although he subsequently recorded other albums with Albert Productions, he remains best known for songs like "Evie" and the innovative Vanda and Young composed Easybeats hit "Friday On My Mind".

William Shakespeare Graham Lowndes Bartholomew John
William Shakespeare Graham Lowndes Bartholomew John

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare's first hit single "Can't Stop Myself From Loving You" from the album of the same name went gold and was produced by Vanda and Young.

Graham Lowndes

Graham Lowndes was well known in Australia for his campus tours.  His first self-written album was titles "Survival's A Song"

Bartholomew John

Originally from New Zealand, Bartholomew John starred in the Australian version of "A Little Night Music".  He released an album through Alberts featuring the hit "Someone".

The Ted Mulry Gang John Paul Young
The Ted Mulry Gang John Paul Young

The Ted Mulry Gang

TMG, a Sydney based band, had a string of hits during the seventies including "Jump In My Car", "Julia", "Jamaica Rum" and "Darktown Strutters Ball".  TMG's working life has spanned nearly three decades.  Prior to TMG, Ted Mulry had a major hit with the song "Falling In Love Again".  Ted Mulry also wrote hits such as "You're All Woman" for Sherbet and "So Much Love In My Heart" for Mr. George.  He formed TMG in 1972.  Their first album, entitled "Here We Are" was the recorded at EMI Studio 301 and mixed at Albert's Studio One.  All of their albums went gold or platinum in this country.

Sadly, Ted passed away on 1-9-2001 after a long battle with cancer.  A measure of Ted's enormous popularity and respect amongst the industry and fans alike was the huge turnout for the Gimme Ted benefit organised for him in March 2001.  Many bands such as Sherbet, The Masters Apprentices, Autumn and Sebastian Hardie specially reformed just to perform at these shows.  Even AC/DC was prepared to fly back to Australia for this event, but unfortunately had tour commitments which prevented them from coming.  Instead, they donated an Angus Young autographed guitar for auction.

John Paul Young

John Paul Young had a string of hits during the early 1970's.  Two noteable ones are "I Hate The Music" and "Love Is In The Air".  Both of these songs were written and produced by Vanda and Young.  "Love Is In The Air" was also recorded in Japanese - an excercise which required him to take some Japanese lessons.  This song was later re-recorded and re-released for the Australian movie "Strictly Ballroom".  "I Hate The Music" was inspired by a conversation between Harry and George in the elevator after a long hard day in the studio!

Bobbie Marchini Alison MacCallum Jackie Christian and Target S.J.C. Powell
Bobbi Marchini Alison MacCallum Jackie Christian & Target S.J.C. Powell

Jackie Christian and Target

Jackie Christian was voted one of the top vocalists in Australia in the National Go-Set awards.  Their first record "Love" was written and produced by Vanda and Young.

S.J.C. Powell

S.J.C. Powell recorded a visionary concept album looking at the present and the future entitled "Celestial Madness".