Paul Baker

In the late 1960's, Paul rarely saw the light of day.  Starting at 7:00pm, he played in a dance band at Chequers Night Club, Sydney dressed in an orange coat.  At 8:00pm he would change into a dinner suit for the main floor show featuring international artists such as Shirley Bassey and P. J. Proby.  At 11:00pm it was back to the orange coat dance band for another hour.  After that, he changed back into his dinner suit for the second floor show which ran through to 1:30am.  When all that was over it was time to pack up and move across the road for his late gig at the Mandarin Club, a dance band featuring local Chinese singers.  This gig ran from 2:00am through to 5:00am.

Paul played with The New Don Burrows Quintet between 1975 and 1980.

Peggy Lee
Peggy Lee and Paul Baker in 1979

Between 1971 and 1993, Paul Baker was one of the major session guitar players in Sydney.  He averaged three sessions per day, five days per week over this period.  Between 1977 and 1982, he had a permanent booking for one session two days per week with John Gillard playing bass and guitar for up to three different products per session.  He was only ever late for one session - that was the day of the Granville Train Disaster!  From 1994 to 1995 he was musical director for the Channel 7 TV show "At Home" with John Mangos.

Paul Baker Paul Baker at Tin Pan Alley
Paul on Bass Paul at Tin Pan Alley, 1977

Guitars were re-strung for every session.  Paul would note what guitars were used and the type and gauge of strings used for every session, so that if necessary he could reproduce the exact sound for session callbacks.

Paul Baker's session guitars
This was what Paul took to sessions

These days, Paul is a song writer, arranger and producer and operates a recording studio which specialises in non-programmed music recording.  He mixes the music for the Australian TV production "Home and Away".

Studio in 1979
Paul Baker's studio in 1979