nce upon a time, recording studios had more than one room!  In addition to the control room where all the recording equipment lived, there were other rooms where they locked people inside with various devices which produced sound.  These people were called musicians.

John Lyle and Klara Korda
John Lyle - Concert Master up to 1985
Klara Korda - Head Second violinist
Picture taken 1978

Bob Bernard Noel Gilmore Ed Wilson
Bob Bernard - one of our finest trad jazz and mainstream trumpet players Noel Gilmore - tuned percussionist 1978 Ed Wilson from The Daly Wilson Big Band 1977

Session at EMI 1978
EMI Studios 301, 1978
Front row from right to left: Dave Rutledge, Bob Chalker, Errol Buddle, Charlie Munroe

Louise Johnson - harp, 1978


There's nothing like recording a string session to get an engineer's heart pumping.  Every microphone and headphone in the studio pressed into service.  The console and multitrack stretched to the limit.  Time is critical.  Will channel 13 hang in there?  Will that cantankerous old valve microphone start rumbling?  It takes just one thing to go wrong to ruin the entire session.  Imagine the horror when an engineer discovered he was getting radio interference just as he was about to press the record button!  It was an engineer's worst nightmare.  After the session, technicians tore the studio apart.  They found nothing.  Everything was fine until next time they were about to start another string session.  Finally one day somebody discovered the reason...

Placing the bet
SPRUNG!  Lal Kuring 1978
(Above) Placing the bet...
(Right) Listening to races with earplug whilst playing!
Lal Kuring

Disney On Parade
Disney on Parade (2)Disney On Parade (3)
Disney On Parade session at Festival Studios for Hanna Barberra in 1978 with musical director and composer Dominique Fronteiera from LA