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Founded by Colin Abrahams in 1982 and now based on the Central Coast, STUDIO CONNECTIONS specialises in the design, installation and maintenance of sound recording studios.

About Colin Abrahams

I always wanted to pursue a career that involved both music and the technology.  I did a lot of PA work in my early days at AWA whilst studying electronic engineering.  This included all aspects of PA, ranging from horse races to jazz concerts at Sydney Town Hall.  I worked for John Burnette for a year or so, building mixers for PA systems.  I then worked at APA Leisuretime International Film Studio for four years in the sound department, mainly designing, building and maintaining equipment, but still with some hands on sound work.  Whilst working there I was involved in the building of an optical mastering suite and also came up with an idea for a new type of film dubber, using time code instead of electro-mechanical sync.  I got the go-ahead to research and develop it but unfortunately it never saw the light of day due to the film industry moving away from sprocket-based machinery.  Concurrently, I co-owned a four track studio at Avalon and did live sound for a band called the Farris Brothers, who later went on to become INXS.

While working at APA, I met a young dude called Calvin DeGrey (son of Slim) who started telling me about a rock and roll musical that he had written with Rod Lee called "That's The Way It Is!".  He kept asking me about doing the sound for it but I was already over-committed.  He continued to tell me about the dramas involved with getting this show together and then finally opening night arrived.  Apparently the sound was a disaster!  There were problems with the sound equipment and way too many people on stage to compete with the band playing alongside them.  At that point I finally agreed to become involved.  I somehow mangaged to get through it, the show was a success and at the end of the final night I was tapped on the shoulder.  "I am the father of the lead female singer Anna in the show and, son, if you ever want a job in the music industry, here's my card."  It was Rocky Thomas, head of M7 records.  After thinking about it for a few seconds the next day, I gave him a call.  He gave me two phone numbers, one of which was Bruce Brown at Albert Studios in King Street.

Bruce politely thanked me for my call, but warned me that there were already a large number of applications for a job there.  Unexpectedly, he called me a few days later asking if I could work over the upcoming weekend to install their brand new state of art MCI JH-500 console, to be on air by the Monday at 10:00am.  I took the plunge and went for it.  After working all Sunday night, Bruce and Russell Dunlop walked into the studio as promised while I was still frantically soldering the last few cables in place.  They switched the thing on and started mixing John English's "Words Are Not Enough" album.  To my great relief, everything worked.  Before I knew it, I was working at Albert Studios.

At Alberts (1977-1981) I did a lot of sound engineering as well as being the in-house tech - even had a couple of dudes working for me at one point.  I met and worked with a lot of the top musicians and producers in the country whilst working there.  They were busy times and at one point I was doing my day-time tech work, going off to do a second round of the "That's The Way It Is!" shows in the evening, then back to the studio to do midnight-to-dawn mixing sessions.  It left me kind of wondering when I would ever get to sleep!

After that (1982) I stupidly went into business on my own, servicing recording studios.  Little did I know at the time, but I probably could have kept that job at Alberts for the rest of my working life and would probably now be retired and living in a villa in Argentina!  Anyway, having survived the sharks of the music industry in the 80's, I am still going and have the pleasure of working for many top clients.  However it has meant an end to my recording career, which sometimes leaves me wondering what I might have achieved in that area...

My hi-fi, PA, film sound, music recording and production experience helps me to be a better tech and vice-versa.  I'm always thinking about ways to improve things and what really makes "good sound".  I love being in and around music production and music will always remain the great passion of my life.

These days, I have a lot of computer knowledge and experience.  I am also very interested in energy efficient building design and have been working on an idea for years about a solar powered natural heating and cooling system.  I know it works - I built one once.

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