A Word about Vintage Audio Gear

I have been maintaining studio equipment for over 40 years.  My main speciality has been MCI equipment.  I have always admired their design philosophy and sonic performance.  The fact that much of this gear is still going when so much other gear less than half the age has been delegated to the skip bin is testament to their quality.  These days in Australia at least, the high end music recording industry is practically dead and I no longer do much work in this area.

In this section, I am sharing some of my experiences about a few random products.

A Warning

Some people think that vintage gear is the magic bullet needed to produce a hit record.  It's not.  The song, the performance, the production - anything but the equipment it was recorded on is what makes it good.  A good sounding recording helps.

These days, you can buy vintage consoles, tape recorders and outboard gear for a fraction of what they once cost.  On the other hand, people pay stupid amounts of money for some revered products such as the Urie 1176 Limiter and Neve 1073 Mic Pre/EQ module.  Studio owners have trouble selling large consoles and tape recorders for good reason.

That low purchase price might not be so attractive after all!

Colin Abrahams