Studio Story Book

A Loud Guitarist

One day I had to do an overdub session with a well known Australian guitarist who is renowned for being very loud.  I was pre-warned that this guy also liked his headphones very loud.

Before the session, I went to the trouble of getting the best balance of the band track I could through the headphones.  Normally at this studio we had standard settings which were used, resulting in reasonably loud foldback.  This time, I trimmed the mix and turned the headphone system up to just below the threshold where they began to break up.  It was loud.  I knew this because my vision shifted on the peaks!

The session started and I played him the track.  The first thing he to me said was "Could you turn it up please."  I knew I had nothing left to give but I turned it up a bit anyway.  By now I could barely keep my headphones on my head.  He said "louder".  I turned it up more.  "Louder!"  At this point, I didn't know what to do and was getting worried.  I cranked the master headphone send up full bore.  It didn't need to put the headphones on my head to know that the system was now cracking up severely.  The headphones were beginning to drown out the main monitors and the overload indicators on the power amp were permanently on.

"That's good man!" he said.