Studio Story Book


I had just started working at Alberts and being the junior in the place, I was in there early one morning tidying up Studio 2 recording area and rolling up mic leads.

In the meantime, Ted Albert and Bruce Brown were in the control room doing a remix of Vanda and Young's "Down Among The Dead Men".

Studio 2 was a very well-built control room with a floating floor.  In the recording area, you barely heard a sound, despite the fact that the main monitors were probably cranked up reasonably loud.

Suddenly I heard an ear-piercing whistle and looked up and saw two people in the control room with their hair standing on end like something straight out of a Bugs Bunny cartoon.  The noise just had to be loud!  By the time I raced into the control room, the noise had stopped but there was smoke billowing out of both Altec 604E speakers.  Apparently the Bose amplifier had some kind of seizure and when we got to that (which was in a separate room), we found smoke pouring out of that as well.  The speakers and amplifier were total write-offs.